For the 4th consecutive year… Spanish consumers choose REMAX!

What do you value most in the services of a real estate agency? Quality, differentiation, innovation, credibility, customer orientation, satisfaction, prescription …

If you agree with all these points, at REMAX we will make you feel at home! And it is because, for the 4th consecutive year, Consumer Choice has chosen us the real estate company best valued by Spanish consumers

Well, they really did not choose us, but you, the customers and consumers. They have analyzed our service and your opinions through a sample of 2,178 people representing an audience between 18 and 65 years old of both sexes; and after your evaluation, we have been the company designated with this important recognition!

Not only have we participated in this study, but we have done it together with 11 other real estate brands that have a significant presence in Spain, being the REMAX network the one that has managed to rise with the first position and therefore creditor of this designation as well in 2020

Next, we will break down and analyze the aspects that a client values ​​the most of the services of our offices and agents that have been analyzed in this study.

REMAX consumer-choice-2020-quality-2

Quality of service

A REMAX agent has an average of 10-15 properties captured exclusively. They may seem few to you, but in order to offer a personalized, quality and adapted service to each of our clients, it is necessary not to exceed this number of properties, thus ensuring the service that the marketing of your property deserves. This fact has made the quality of our service one of the aspects most valued by Spanish consumers, specifically being the most valued along with the credibility of our agents in this study. This says a lot!


Do you really know the whole process involved in buying and selling a property? We tell you some of the actions that our agents carry out to successfully market the sale of a property:


  1. Complete and personalized marketing plan for the correct marketing of the property
  2. Extensive market studies in order to adjust the sale price to the real market
  3. A single trusted interlocutor who looks after your interests, with extensive experience and proven results of success
  4. Filter the buyer customer based on the needs and possibilities of purchase
  5. Legal and administrative assistance and advice throughout the process

All these factors differentiate us and provide added value, ensuring that the purchase or sale of your property is carried out successfully and always looking out for your interests; thus, differentiation is the 5th most valued attribute of our agents by the people who have participated in this study


Innovation and technology have always been one of our great allies, helping us to connect in a more direct and simple way with our clients and multiply the chances of success in the sale of your home. But now more than ever it is an essential factor, because to its great advantages is added a vital one: it gives us security by avoiding contact as much as possible, preventing possible infections. Thus, we use the latest technology to bring the property closer to the end customer through augmented reality, 360 videos, 3D plans, virtual visits, virtual home staging, etc. and we also use it to analyze and offer through our CRM and big data your home to the client who is looking for a home with similar characteristics. This is the 6th most valued attribute of our services in this study!


The job of a real estate agent is not just any job! Well, clients entrust them with what is perhaps the most precious material asset for a person: their house. For this reason, one of the aspects that a client and agent values ​​most is without a doubt their credibility and professionalism, something that translates into a person who inspires trust and who demonstrates it through ethical work and deep market knowledge

Specifically, 77% of the consumers who have participated in this study choose a REMAX Agent for their credibility and knowledge of the market, together with the quality of our services being the most valued aspect. A result obtained thanks, among others, to the exhaustive market studies carried out by all our agents with the intention of achieving a correct valuation of your property, managing to sell your house at the best price and in the shortest possible time.

Another inspiring aspect of credibility and trust is working exclusively. In REMAX, only exclusive properties are captured, which is why the agents have a portfolio of properties that they work constantly and personalized. This customization, which only grants work exclusively, makes agents take full responsibility for the sale of their portfolio of homes and combine all the necessary efforts to position them and thus locate the ideal buyer of those properties.

Customer orientation

The satisfactory customer experience is always one of our highest objectives in the services we provide, let’s not forget the purchase or sale of a property is one of the most important operations in a person’s life.

And, the moment you choose to market your home with a REMAX office, your agent will be your trusted interlocutor who will look after your interests. From that moment, he will help you prepare your house for sale, carry out an exhaustive and personalized marketing plan, place a visible sale poster, publish your property in the main media such as social networks and real estate portals and take care of it. to manage the visits, without forgetting all the bureaucratic procedures and the accompaniment to the notary.

All this, accompanied by weekly and monthly reports and calls where he will inform you of all the offers, of all the actions carried out for their commercialization and, most importantly, he will give you the best advice to obtain the best results.

Thanks to this work, the people analyzed speak select customer orientation as the second best valued attribute!


When you put your house up for sale and decide to do it through the help of a real estate agency, you are looking for results, that your agent sells your property in the shortest time and at the best possible price. And this is precisely what our agents do. Proven results patents such as the fact that the average number of transactions per year of a REMAX agent is the highest in the world, specifically 15.6, while that of the competition agents that occupy the second position in this ranking is so only 8 operations a year. Thus, satisfaction is the 4th best valued characteristic of REMAX by people. And is that our slogan “Nobody in the world sells more properties than REMAX”, is much more than a phrase, it is a reality!


Surely one of your main concerns when putting your house up for sale is undoubtedly choosing the perfect agent. A good option is to request references to the office itself and the agent itself. All our agents request the opinion of their clients once the buying and selling process is finished and you can also access them.

In fact, according to the analysis made by “Consumer Choice”, the good references of its agents occupy the third position in terms of the aspects most valued by our clients.

All our agents have a great vocation for service and their maximum premise is always the satisfaction of their clients. Special mention should be made of the fact that a significant percentage of our agents work only with referrals, that is, with people to whom their services have been recommended by other clients; And it goes without saying that the vast majority of their clients repeat with them when they need to buy, sell or rent a property again.

75% of consumers choose REMAX to buy or sell a home

If you want to obtain more references from our agents, you can also access their own file that you will find at , in it you can find out all the training they have, as well as the recognitions obtained in REMAX in which they are awarded by the number of operations and income earned throughout your career. Without a doubt, a great reference!

This study takes on special relevance for us, since it is the end customer, the consumer who analyzes and values ​​us; Your opinion being the most representative of the professionalism and service that our offices provide every day. If you also want the experience of buying or selling your home to be a success, you just have to choose your confidential REMAX agent

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