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Ready for Buying an Investment Property? 

Buying property for investment is one of the most interesting ways to get the most out of your savings. 

More and more people are now looking out for advice on property investment.

If you want to become a property investor, here you will find some general tips for property investment.

They are designed to get started on this profitable business and they will give you good knowledge and skills on how to effectively invest in property.

Consider what type of property you want to purchase and what the tax implications of your investment are.

One-off investment or property portfolio?

Here you will find some  important property investment tips and advice. 

Consider the Spanish Property Market

The Demand for rental properties in most Spanish cities is higher than ever before with a growing need for high-quality rental accommodation. 

Due to consolidation, the difficulties to get mortgages at interesting conditions and COVID-19 pandemia consequences that will probably raise the mortgage percentage, there is ea very high demand for renting in the Spanish main cities. 


An investment property is a property that generates a return on investment for the person who purchases it.
The two ways people benefit from property investment are with regular rental returns and returns from the future resale of a property that raised in value.
A property investor is somebody who purchases one or several properties for the purpose of renting them out or selling them with profit.
Those interested in investing in property can choose to buy for selling with profit or they can  select buy to let.
Buy to let for a certain period that covers the time for value raising of a property  is a very popular property investment strategy.
Property investment can generate a considerable additional income.
Buy to let property investment can bring an ongoing income on rental returns, and end can generate to large returns in value grows over a larger period.
Needs to buy an investment property and finding the best place to invest in a property.
Decide where or when, research and compare several regions to decide which location offers the best deals.
Study the different buy to let strategies. 
With traditional buy to let investments, you’re more likely to benefit from increased capital potential value growth. 
Establish the buy to let strategy that suits you best and check all  different options.
Student room property investments are quite interesting in general.
Traditional buy to let is purchasing a residential or student property to let out rooms to regularly generate an income.
Traditional buy to let investment strategy means purchasing an apartment, rather than a house, due to the lower costs and the higher demand, especially in larger city-centre locations.
When you do the appropriate research and planning, to spot the right location, traditional buy to let most often provides attractive rental returns and considerably high demand.
This type of investment also generates benefits from increased capital growth potential, providing attractive returns on your investments when you finally decide to sell.
Houses of Multiple Occupancy are another option as an alternative.
HMO properties, permit to rent to multiple groups of tenants within the same building.
This formula is generally higher costs and much more time-consuming.
Check out well all conditions and obligations.
Hotel property investments are another option for different property investment.
Investments in hotel rooms or hotels can generate high benefits but are in general a much higher investment and risk.

For beginners and in general the residential and student property investments are a solid choice to make.  It’s a cheaper investment strategy and above all it’s simple and transparent.

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