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Requirements to be a Real Estate Advisor

Being a Real Estate agent does not imply having specific training or previous experience in the sector. It implies being a person with a commercial attitude, a gift for people and with the capacity for organisation and self-management.

Therefore, it is important to have a good attitude and be very proactive, the rest is already taken care of by us, offering many support, training and advisory services.

What is a real estate advisor?

A real estate advisor is an intermediary between the owner of a property and the people or persons interested in acquiring it either on a rental basis or through the purchase of said property. At first glance, it is not a vocational profession, surely you have not heard anyone say “when I grow up I want to be a real estate consultant”, but it is a great job opportunity that can offer you to have a successful professional career in one of the sectors most dynamic of our country, the real estate sector.

The real estate advisor does not actually sell flats, we help, accompany, advise people in the process of buying and selling, why? It is a decision that takes a long time, it is long, it is not automatic. We work with two concepts, a real value that the market gives and an emotional value, which each owner gives you.

Learn more about a profession that you are passionate about, in which you can obtain great economic returns but it is much more than that, it is a very complete profession where you have to acquire technical knowledge of the market and especially human because it is fundamentally based on dealing with people.  We are going to help you grow with us with our training, tools, experience and everything you need to become a successful real estate consultant and make this career a profession for life.

Enjoy autonomy, independence and freedom of schedules. Build a successful career with training included.

Maximum fees in the real estate sector.

We receive the highest commissions in the industry because our work deserves to have the best reward!

How much can a real estate agent earn?

Surely you are waiting for us to give you a specific figure, or at least a scale of possible salaries; but this aspect varies greatly depending on the type of agent. There are essentially three ways to practice this profession:

Independent Agent:

He is usually self-employed and works for himself without belonging to any agency or franchise network. Logically, it enters the total of the commissions agreed with the client that usually oscillate between 2 and 6% of the price of the commercialised house, but also assumes all the risks and does not have the support of any agency or franchise network.

The autonomous real estate agent associated with a franchised agency

In this case, the agent is much more than an agent, it is an entrepreneur who is associated with an office to be able to work under the umbrella and resources (technology, marketing, brand recognition, collaborative work, etc.) of that franchised brand. In this case, the agent is autonomous and owner of his time and business, but he is not alone, he has the support of a great brand behind him. In this case, the commission generated by the agent is distributed with the branch and in most cases it only receives the commission, without having any fixed. We work under this system with the difference that they are the agents who receive the highest fees for their job, for delivering the best work and results in the industry,

BE an entrepreneur with low investment and maximum autonomy.

You will enjoy the benefits of being independent, having freedom of schedules and work volume; that is to say, of the advantages of an entrepreneur, but having to make a low investment; Well, you associate with the other agents of your office

You will work for yourself creating a consolidated and recognised professional career in the sector.
Personal promotion.

You can get as high as you want; You only depend on yourself, on your effort and ability to work, and this could be a great job opportunity.

Belonging to the most recognised brand in the sector.

From the moment you join us, everyone attributes you to a way of working based on ethics and professionalism; without a doubt something that generates great security for your clients and that opens many doors for you.

Technology that connects you with your customers.

Technology must be at the service of people, facilitate their work and enhance their results. To do this, we make Google technology available to our agents with cutting-edge, intuitive and very comfortable technological tools so that their daily use becomes a competitive advantage.

Marketing campaigns adapted to the needs of your customers.

You will be recognised for your professionalism and excellent results. To support the continuous growth, personal and that of your company,  that uses a series of marketing and advertising strategies distributed in different channels to reach all your potential clients

Design and corporate identity

A visual personal identity that will have a great effect on your brand recognition and value that the client will have on your service.

Marketing and advertising campaigns

Individual marketing

We will help to create and develop your personal brand together with our other associates. From flyers, dossiers, posters or leaflets designed and created for agents to position themselves in the market with the support of the most recognisable brand in the real estate sector.

Social networks

We are the real estate company that enjoys the highest positioning and presence in the social networks of our country. In addition, aware of its importance, we help you position your office on the main social media platforms.

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