1. Can a home be sold in a state of alarm?
  2. How can we help you at this time?

Can a home be sold during the state of alarm?


Technically, yes. The Decree Law in which the measures of the state of alarm are collected does not expressly prohibit the sale of homes. In addition, since Monday, May 25, all of Spain is already in phase 1 or 2 and the measures have been relaxed and face-to-face visits to homes can now be made.

Of course, it is still complicated, since some of the steps necessary to formalize the sale of a home are complicated to comply with due to the state of alarm and the security regulations of the Ministry of Health and now more than ever, RE / MAX can guide you in the process.

Those purchases that are accompanied by a mortgage can be formalized without the express declaration of urgency , since it is considered as one of the circumstances where it can be signed without problem

If the sale is not accompanied by financing, the parties must prove the urgency

If for some reason, for example, quarantine of their equipment … the Notary does not want to sign the sale with a mortgage, the client can move the file to a new notary, but it is necessary to recount the 10 days of reflection period.

The FEIN (which is the equivalent of the binding offer that the Bank issues to its buyer clients) has a validity period that depends on each entity and usually ranges between 20-30 days. During this period, the Bank has the obligation to formalize the loan under the conditions set out in the document, but what happens if it expires during this period of state of alarm?

This point is not clear yet, in general the Entities will review the file as soon as the state of alarm ends and if the circumstances of the holders have not changed, a new FEIN will be issued and the process will continue.

It is also possible that some autonomous communities declare this alarm period as “invalid” that is, it does not count in the deadlines. However, for responsible credit, it is advisable to carry out a new analysis of the situation if the working conditions of the clients have changed.

The risk areas of the Banks continue to operate and telework

In some entities, the sending of documentation can be done digitally and some of them even have a digital signature for all procedures, including the signature of the FEIN, so the presence of the client is not necessary, being able to advance with all the formalities.

Likewise, meetings between the Client and the Entity can be held over the phone, and even with some of the Entities we work with at RE / MAX, we are holding them by videoconference so as not to lose that closeness in a matter as important as it is the mortgage.

How can I list my property for sale right now?


We recommend that you consult with a Real Estate Agent , at REMAX we have already overcome several crises and we have always come out stronger. In addition, we have technological tools that can help you in these moments of reflection and analysis of the situation.

How can we help you at this time?

On the one hand, we can help you in the valuation of the price of the house .

We will ask you for photographs of the property and we will take care of looking for your property in the cadastre. By not seeing the property live, we will be able to give you a very objective price range , based on witnesses of properties sold in the area similar to yours and seeing the market trend. Analysis of the area as facilities, infrastructure. Qualities of the house, as well as annexes if you have them. We will compare them with sold zone witnesses to which you do not have access and the homogenization of prices carried out by a professional.

If you finally decide to sell, we have photo enhancement tools and we can make a first publication with those photos, making a video based on those photos as well as using virtual home staging tools , so that potential buyers can get an idea of ​​how it would look. home.

We can also draw up 2D plans to make the publication more attractive and, if necessary, create a 3D render to show clients even presenting possible reforms to adapt the home to the largest number of potential buyers.


Of course and more at this time, we will upload the advertising to the portals with the highest number of users so that potential buyers can see your property, in addition to those that REMAX has. We will use digitization to impact those users who have shown an interest in properties with similar characteristics through different online channels .

We will take the opportunity to upload it to social networks, these days more active than ever.

Although it may seem strange, this time of confinement makes many people want to move house and they contact us to make virtual visits of the property or to close visits that have been taking place throughout Spain since May 25.

In addition, we will send your property to all real estate agents in the area, whether they belong to REMAX or not, since RE / MAX has a large number of contacts in the real estate world.


We will make a mailing to the entire database of buyers interested in a home with the characteristics of your home . And we will call them to verify that they have seen it.

When we have the buyers filtered, we will start with the visits. Visits that comply with a strict security protocol.

  • Mandatory use of a mask, leggings and gel for cleaning hands.
  • The maximum number of people who can attend the visit are two and without children.
  • The potential buyer will not be able to touch any element of the house.
  • Visits will be brief and questions will be asked outside the home.

Of course we will filter all possible buyers, to know their intention and possibility of purchase and we can even manage the mortgage loan without obligation , without having chosen the house to advance in the purchase process, which allows us to save 20-25 days , so that once you have chosen the house, we add it to the loan, appraise and sign.

And we will inform you in real time at all times, since we have applications for it .

And of course, we will continue with our usual marketing plan.

  • Professional photographs
  • Virtual tour
  • If possible for the type of property video with drom
  • Physical flyer to distribute in the area. (A curiosity, did you know that 80% of people want to live in the neighborhood where we grew up? That’s what these flyers are for.
  • Sale poster (sized appropriately for customers to see)
  • Open house, an open day for all possible interested parties
  • Publication in the office’s property magazine.

We are here to help you DON’T FORGET IT

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