What is exclusive real estate for you?


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This is the concept that many have of exclusive real estate, but nothing is further from the truth! Did you know that with the exclusive you multiply the chances of success of the sale of your house? Let’s go by parts, first of all, we would have to define and clarify the concept of an exclusive real estate, because in most cases there is a misconception that is far from reality

An exclusive real estate agency is a commitment that you sign with the office or agent to manage the commercialization of the property, with the latter and the designated agent being the sole interlocutor who watches over the interests of the sale of your home at all times. This does not mean that only he (your agent) can offer that house to his clients and from there close the fence; but he will be your representative at all times . In fact, thanks to the MLS or shared property exchange and the REMAX network itself, your property will be available to thousands of agents who will be able to offer your property to their clients. Of course, you will only have to speak with your agent who will be the person in charge of filtering the buyers and their offers and informing you at all times of the process and negotiating for you in front of all possible buyers and their agents. Therefore, you will always receive the information from a single agent, without constant calls, or unnecessary dizziness from other agencies or buyers who are not really 100% interested in your home. All this, without altering the fees with your agent, because in the event that the sale was through a shared operation, the agent shares the fees with the agent provided by the client, you do not have to pay more!

In addition, the signature of that exclusive, as we mentioned previously, is a commitment of the agency and the agent to you. In this way, the agent will do everything in his power to achieve results, which we could translate into selling your house in the shortest time and at the best possible price. Marketing plan, call filter, economic feasibility study of buyers, visits, property distribution, positioning of the same, optimal valuation of the house, set-up (home staging), legal and administrative procedures … all this is done by your agent if you sign with him the exclusive of your property.

If, on the contrary, you opt for a custom note, your property will appear in different windows of agencies and real estate portals, at different prices (giving an image of need to buyers and or or both giving it a power to negotiate the price down major) and little else. An agent cannot risk making an investment in the commercialization of a property when he is not sure that he will finally be the one to sell it, is it logical? And it is that, the customization that only grants the work exclusively makes the agents take absolute responsibility for the sale of their portfolio of homes and combine all the necessary efforts to position them and thus locate the ideal buyer of those properties.

But if all this seems little to you, we will break down those already mentioned and we will tell you many more things that a real estate agent does that captures a property exclusively. We are not aware of many of these actions, but although they are carried out in the shadows, they are vital to the success of the operation.


What does a real estate agent do with an exclusive property?

The attention to calls and visits, the complex drafting that entails the preparation of sale contracts, the monitoring and preparation of the notarial deed, advice on the valuation of the property or on the change of cadastre or supplies, are just some examples of everything a real estate agent does, since they provide comprehensive assistance that covers the entire process from the signing of the sales management contract to the notary services.

The valuation of the property is another point to consider. The selling client always tends to value his property above the market price, which incurs an enormous decrease in the possibilities of sale, as well as the slowdown of it. For this reason, a real estate agent who has acquired the exclusive property previously carries out an exhaustive personalized market study for each property, after which a valuation of the same is carried out where the initial sale price is advised. If the acquisition was not exclusive, surely he would not worry so much, since the possibilities of sale are much lower.

The need to establish a filter on visits is an aspect that is hardly taken into account, since in many cases the seller does not notice the fact that not all those who request to visit their home are potential buyers but rather curious or even possible thieves. Before showing a property, an agent performs a rigorous filter to all interested buyers, showing it only to those it considers suitable for purchase; a property that is not exclusive can be shown to any “interested”, to see if the flute sounds! In addition, in these visits an agent makes a special outlay for the set-up of the house applying techniques such as home staging, that is, decorating and preparing the house for visits. Picture, Bedspreads … and depersonalization of the home is something very common in these actions or even small touches that can make potential buyers feel at home. If your agent only has the recruitment by commission, he will not be able to stop to carry out this type of actions, much less investments!

In turn, and depending on the needs of each client, the agent also makes a personalized marketing plan with its consequent advertising action plan, also personalized for each client. Aspects, which undoubtedly can only be taken if the home is captured exclusively

And most importantly… share and collaborate! Share your property with thousands of agencies that have thousands of clients, managing to find the ideal owner and doing a very important collaborative work with them, but always with a single objective… to look after your interests!

Were you aware of all the actions that a real estate agent performs when you sign an exclusive contract with him? 

And if after reading this post we asked you, what is exclusive real estate for you? Do you think now that with the exclusive the possibilities of house sale decrease? Surely your answer now is very different from what you would have answered before reading this post




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